On the money

My life. :-)

Shake a shake a shake a tail feather

You haven’t experienced true joy until you’ve watched this cockatoo dancing to Ray Charles [via nicolas].

If Philosophers Were Programmers

If Philosophers Were Programmers [brunns].

Nice to see that Wittgenstein (or at least, one of the Wittgensteins) is also a Haskell man…

Best gimboland blog comment yet

Um… what? Thanks for that, Ravi.

Sir Clement on good form

He will be missed [via rhodri].

When life hands you Stanislaw Lem, make Stanislaw Lemonade

Some great Twtter bons mots here [via pwb].

Star Wars as explained by someone who hasn’t seen it

Epic win: Star Wars as explained by someone who hasn’t seen it [grantjames]. Lovely.

“…, Paper disproves Spock, …”

Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard [shepherdnick] — though the visual distinction between paper and lizard seems a little ill-defined, perhaps?

Gay (and poly) marriage: the database engineering perspective

Awesome database/sexual equality tutorial — required reading! [mrdaveb]

Frances the Cat Finds Enlightenment behind the Couch

Frances the Cat Finds Enlightenment behind the Couch.

Upside Down Dogs

An upside down dog

I’m rather enjoying Upside Down Dogs, though it is occasionally a bit scary. All those fangs…

Real Life Tron on an Apple IIgs

I can’t remember where I saw this, but: Real Life Tron on an Apple IIgs.

T Rex at his best

I think this is my favourite Dinosaur Comic — at least so far. (It’s taking me a long time to work through them, a few every week or so…)

Also very good, especially around Talk Like A Pirate Day — the alt tag’s where it’s at for this one, mind.

So, some voting happened

Sums up some of the main issues with voting machines quite nicely, I think [pwb].

In other news, I hear the American electorate did something right yesterday (or to put it another way…); unfortunately, at time of writing it remains unclear whether Californian voters have dropped the ball and approved Proposition 8. Sadly, it looks like they have, and Stephen Fry claims they have, but I suspect he’s responding to polls not actual results, as the latter don’t seem to have be announced yet. OTOH maybe there’s something about being a British National Treasure in the middle of nowhere in Madagascar that gives you prophetic powers. It’s looking like an increasingly near thing, so there’s hope yet.

Have you seen this cat?

Have you seen this cat? [bash].

Another missed opportunity

I’ve just realised that the title of that previous post should have been “Two guys, one dinosaur cup”. Ah well.

Dinosaur cup not in fact optional

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wondering when and indeed whether those noted culinary swashbucklers Dave & Zac would return with more great recipes for us to try out.

Wait no longer, dear friends. The final two installments are here! We have high-tech Gourmet Chocolate Pancakes and surely the pinnacle of their joint works, yes it’s Sausage Croissants. Mmmm, mmmmmm, that is a tasty croissant.

A dog on a trampoline

A dog on a trampoline — does exactly what it says on the tin.

I didn’t teach him to swear like that!

Take one-time Gimbo tutee and long-time beard user DaveA, and one handsome stranger from outta town goes by the name of Zac, some beer and some Jaegermeister, whisk them together briskly in a kitchen in Helsinki and you’ve got what we in the 1970s American sitcom business call a recipe for laughter. Oh yes.

Gourmet Pizza Tacos.

Microwave chocolate cake.

Go you.

Update 2008-09-15: they have a website!

Update 2008-10-01: two more recipes!

One does not simply… walk into Mortor

One does not simply… walk into Mortor [bash].

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield minus Garfield [Thomas Bradley, but not that one].

Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?

Sparse, quiet, despair.

I am an exemplar of Andyness!

Surreal… This page, explaining why “Andy” is a better abbreviation of “Andrew” than “Drew” includes this picture (taken by by Markus) of me pulling one weird-ass face — apparently that’s some good Andy! If I recall correctly, I was listening to Yoshinao Isobe explain his encoding of one of the models of CSP in Isabelle/HOL. That kind of thing will tend to induce face pulling, mind.

Andys rule. Andys play bass and trombone and some of us even play bass trombone. Andys are good with their hands. Andys will make fun of people but no one will care because everyone knows an Andy is just being an Andy and not out to hurt anyone. An Andy will send you flowers just because.

Andys will date your sister and marry her.

I can’t really fault his logic. Partially because there isn’t any, but also because it’s all true.

Doors to hell

The Door to Hell [longnow].

Other entrances to Hell, originally noted by Gimboland in 2002.

A weekend of shenanigans

My my, I’ve had a busy (by which I mean fun and not working at all) and sociable (by which I mean much ale and good food, including bananas, was quaffed with silly people) weekend.

It started on Thursday evening, when a whole bunch of us went out to celebrate my birthday at Wasabi, my most beloved local eatery. I mean we celebrated at Wasabi, not it was my “Wasabi birthday” or something. Anyway. Through a combination of the magic of Facebook and the strong appeal of sushi, some forty people chose to celebrate Gimboday with me. I actually turned up a few minutes late, having gone for a quiet pre-meal beer at the Uplands Tavern, and was a) gobsmacked at this crowd of people waiting for me, and b) without somewhere to sit. Oh, it was great. The food was super, although Wasabi really doesn’t seem able to handle large groups: we were split across two tables, and it’s not a gross overstatement to say that everyone on table 2 (which I was on) had received all of their food before anyone on table 1 had received any. Given that by its nature Japanese food tends to come in many small portions (just like Arnold J Rimmer’s love), that really doesn’t make any sense, and must have been hugely frustrating for the denizens of table 1. Anyway, everyone was lovely and I really must log on to Facebook and thank them all for coming more coherently than I managed to in the speech I vaguely remember making. If I tell you I got everyone’s attention for the speech by clanging together my (empty) sake flask and (empty) sake cup, you’ll get the idea. A few of us topped the night off at Mozart’s for good measure. Apparently. Photos here.

Alien Bash Behold my awesome... er... Ladleface! Alexa and Ladleface Hannah and A Mysterious Mustachioed Stranger Emily Seran and Steve

Friday was, by comparison, very quiet. I tried not to make too much noise, or be anywhere too noisy, all day. I’d like to say I enjoyed two episodes of BSG with Bash on the sofa in the evening, but in truth only one could be enjoyed, the other being an insult to all intelligent beings. Tedious predictable cliched crud, alas.

Saturday was banana day. There’s a photo of me on the cover of Mondays’ Evening Post, next to the headline “WORST CHILD PORN EVER”, so that’s nice.

Saturday night was the annual SUCS beach party, and it was the biggest yet. Despite thunder and heavy showers (and even a spot of hail) earlier in the day, it was a fine fine evening, and a beautiful morning when the sun arose “sticking her rays all over the place” as Dave delightfully put it. I may possibly have had a few ales as the night progressed, it’s really impossible to say. I certainly laughed a lot.

The highlight of the night was noticing a bunch of third years playing a drinking game based on my name. Well, to be fair I think they’d adapted a “bingo” drinking game, but anyway. The object of the game was to spell the word “GIMBO” by shouting out its letters one at a time, but if two or more people shout the same letter simultaneously, they have to take a drink. I noticed them shouting “G! I! M!M! Fuck! G! I!I! Fuck! G! I! M!” at which point I jumped in (literally, splatto on the sand) and shouted “B! O!” to cheers and a rousing cry of “And Gimbo was his name-oh!”. Probably one of the happiest moments of my life.

If anyone can remind of the context which gave rise to the following 8AM tweet, I’d be grateful:

Wondering why no-one calls their firstborn “Gimbowang”. Why do you all continue to defy me?

Update: camp-fire singalong video, rofl, etc. [via welti]

The weekend was rounded off beautifully by spending Sunday with my new friend Sioned, a fellow drummer, ending with a visit to Arthur’s Stone and The Greyhound for dinner. Awesome X.

At King Arthur’s Stone, seeing for miles, hearing nothing but tweets and bleats – lush. Next stop: The Greyhound!

another tweet, 7:20pm

The subprime primer

The joy of hindsight: the sub-prime catastrophe in a few nutshells [smallcool].

Destroy the secondary planet evidence, reactance armet!

Destroy the evidence — wonderful.

Slide40 – presentations with 8 bit style

Slide40 example slide

From the same good people who brought you the lambda calculcus in a can [ultimate].

“Errr, never mind. They’re movin’”

Slowing down — awesome video.

New York-based performance art collective Improv Everywhere showcases their latest project, “Frozen Grand Central”, which mischievously targeted victims of the Big Apple’s notoriously short now.

There’s no arguing with that

Pac man chart

Best when chunky and delivered by foxes

Hooray for bacon! [ffffound]


LMAO @ the Guiliani visualisation on Defective Yeti’s analysis of the current state of the US presidential contest. I must say, I’m glad to see him out.

Irrefutable proof

The moon landings really are fake!!!11 [smallcool]

(Spoken to the father, obviously)

“My goodness, she looks just like you.”

Foxy troopers

All of a sudden, stormtroopers are sexy. Evidence…

Foxy stormtrooper 1 Foxy stormtrooper 2 Foxy stormtrooper 3

(This last from this fantastic page of Darth Vader helmets — check out the Statue of Liberty one…)

And while we’re on Star Wars imagery, I’d like to remind you to stay on target.

On the relative positions of C and Haskell on the Mohs scale

C isn’t hard; programming in C is hard. On the other hand: Haskell is hard, but programming in Haskell is easy.

Seen on this thread.

“Just a Bit crazy”

Just a Bit crazy — short bonkers flash music thing. Awesome!

“True Christians should only read English” and other gems

Kinda like a fundy bash.org: 100 greatest quotes from fundamentalist Christian chat rooms — well worth a look if you want to experience the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry [pixi].

Gravity: Doesn’t exist. If items of mass had any impact of others, then mountains should have people orbiting them.

You are banned. You are not a Christian for Christians don’t accuse brothers and sisters in Christ of being non-Christian.

Make sure your answer uses Scripture, not logic.

Deoxyribonucleic Acid, for example… sounds impressive, right? But have you ever seen what happens if you put something in acid? It dissolves! If we had all this acid in our cells, we’d all dissolve! So much for the Theory of Evolution, Check MATE!

Caveat: this post mocks idiots, not Christians; in no sense do I assert that either set is a subset of the other.

“If you fear change, leave it in here.”

Paul Saffo: “Embracing Uncertainty – the secret to effective forecasting”.

“Perl, I’m leaving you”

Damn straight.

Water! From the skies!

Water! From the skies! – Armstrong & Miller comedy gold on Youtube.

Just like a tutorial with Gimbo.

I used to love Armstrong & Miller — hit and miss, for sure, but when it hit it hit well. If you ask me what the funniest thing I’ve ever seen was, I’d tell you it was a sketch of theirs involving an undercooked steak, some surly chefs, and a remote-controlled car. Haven’t found it online yet, and in a way I hope I never do because it’ll be bound to be a disappointment now, but oh, the memory…

xkcd + goats = dresden codak

Gorgeous, wistful.

See what I mean?.

But start at the beginning.

What it says on the tin



I am a cliff hanger!
Find your own pose!

Fantastic quiz, particularly question 3. Evany still rules, I’m happy to say.

No blogging for ages because: lots of work, nobody cares anyway, and the devil that is Facebook. Have re-established contact with many many old friends, and made the somewhat disquieting discovery that most (but – yay – not all) of the girls I used to fancy have settled down and started making babies. The life, she goes on.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Wifi routers: silent, blinking death?

(I may get round to writing something actually meaningful and/or profound at some point – but not right now.)

Chore wars

Chore Wars.

Desired outcome.

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager

Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager.

An interview with Ulli Haarbürste

Back in June 2003 I blogged about the truly wonderful Roy Orbison In Clingfilm stories – if you haven’t seen these yet I highly recommend a visit. Anyway, I’ve just noticed, returning for a long-overdue refresher, that there’s now also an interview with the author which is also not to be missed.

I am not aware of anyone seeing it as humour. I venture the occasional joke or puckish remark in my work as relief from the sensuality and romantic lyricism, and if people laugh that is nice, but I do not think my fans would class me as a humorist in the way that you would, say, Dan Brown.

I remember I read an interview with Gunter Grass just before my tome was delivered to the printers, and he talked of his forthcoming book and said that it was the best thing he had ever written, and I thought Oh no! Gunter Grass has had the idea to write a book on Roy in Clingfilm too! I will only be the Buzz Aldrin of this genre. And I can laugh with relief now as his book turned out to be some boring thing about the Nazis, but at the time this obsessed me, and I considered examining his dustbins and so forth to find out. Perhaps I should not admit this but I actually rang his agent of literature and pretended to be a reporter and asked ‘May I enquire, who are Herr Grass’s favourite musicians?’ but he only mentioned people like Rush and Hawkwind so I knew it was OK.

Hundreds of hatboxes, each containing a single brown wig

I’m William John Cavendish-Bentinck-Scott, the Fifth Duke of Portland. Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

Ruby vs Java/PHP ads

Rails vs Java in style of PC vs Apple, PS3 vs wii, etc. [digg]

Full set on youtube: 1. Rails vs Java; 2. Rails vs PHP; 3. Rails vs PHP; 4. Rails vs PHP.

Losing my (his) Star Wars virginity

Losing my Star Wars virginity (not me, obviously).

10.05: C-3PO and R2-D2 are making me laugh. They’re like bickering lovers. I hope Princess Leia escapes Darth’s evil clutches and makes it to Alderaan.

Also, I can flare my nostrils at will

Something to remember next time I’m applying for a job.

My hovercraft is full of eels

Here’s that well-known phrase “my hovercraft is full of eels” translated into more than sixty languages [reddit].

Bread lung

Bread lung.

How many?

How many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb?
Just one. But the house falls down.

software engineering proverbs

On banning unnatural practices

Amusing; satirical; makes a good point. [pixi]

There’s no escape

SQL injection attacks in a nutshell.

What have you been doing? Acting mad.

I know this is nothing new, and I know there are many, many pages like this on t’Internet, but I just wanted to bookmark one for personal future chortle reference, thus: loads of pictures of cats acting mad or looking weird. Often the captions make the picture, though the whole “i’m on yr noun, verbing yr noun” meme gets stretched too far too often, I think. Still, I love cats, I love looking at them, I love laughing at them – so this is pure uplifting fun as far as I’m concerned. :-)

Classics: full speed ahead · your guy · dead of cute · proceed · offline · (original) · fail · charles · askance · thoughts · sup · shoryuken · relevant · rumbled · lion · slippers · trap · danger (how beautiful is that?) · cookie · hats · bat country · richard griffiths · camouflage · schweaty.

RSS feed – don’t miss a kitty!

One for Rich

Brings a nostalgic tear to the eye, is what it does

Get on the nut… foot.

The porn is deleted.

“Somebody somewhere has got to be high”

PHP programmers: did you know that the name of your favourite language actually stands for Pot Head Pixies? All starts to make a bit more sense now, eh?

The man with the van

This just in: Brandon Bird is still a genius. (Damn right he is.)

RMS in lego

I just found two super photos on flickr…

More super for computer people, I guess, but anyway…

(Number 2 in an ongoing Thorsten series.)

I would be like David Lee Roth!

Currently greatly enjoying reading Questionable Content from start to finish. Bash spotted it linked off xkcd.

I saw Children Of Men last night and it completely broke my brain. That film is completely drenched in fear; every moment of the film, every character, everything that happens is driven by fear. Awful, just absolutely horrible. I mean, a great film (and I really like Clive Owen, I think) but I will be happy never to see it again. The last film I saw which left me feeling like this was Requiem For A Dream back in late 2002, but if anything last night was worse – with Requiem, it was really only the last half hour that was drowning in trauma, whereas last night it was the whole fucking film.

As such, I am spending the day at home nursing my psyche by drinking cups of tea and reading harmless web comics. :-)


Yikes. This is waaaaay too close to home: Foozles – a programming language feature comin’ atcha soon! [wadler]

2013: Francoise Boisbleu proves that under a certain formulation, Foozles are a categorical dual to Aspects, which gets everyone terribly excited.

It certainly would.

Classic comment / code impedance mismatch

Awesome, almost Dadaist WTF:

// MUST be set to 1!
Params->ParentalLevel = 3;  // QA now insist this is set to 2.

Made me laugh out loud, anyway.

The Big Bus

This week, I saw The Big Bus for the first time since I were a lad. It was every bit as fantastically ludicrous as I remember it, except now I could truly appreciates its kitsch 70s retro glory. In short: awesome. God bless mail-order DVD rental.

The film centres on the maiden voyage of `Cylops’, a colossal nuclear powered bus embarking on the first ever non-stop voyage from New York to Denver (clearly an important niche market in the late 70s). Big Oil interests are sabotaging the project, and a bomb-blast has put the pilot and co-pilot out of action. The project designer’s daughter (played by Rizzo – so sexy in her two-tone brown jumpsuit) goes in search of her ex-lover, the legendary Dan Torrance (played by the improbably monikered Joseph Bologna), the only man who can learn to drive such a complicated rig in the two weeks remaining before launch day. But wait! Torrence has a dark past, as we learn in a (to my mind classic) fight scene set in a smoky bus-driver’s dive bar – he was the sole survivor of the disaster of `Mount Diablo’, and is now haunted by accusations that he ate all 110 passengers.

Basically, it goes downhill from there, in glory.

Apparently it was a big influence on the Airplane! movies, Police Squad! and the Naked Gun movies. It was certainly a big influence on the comedy stylings of the Gimblett family. I still have an almost irresistible urge to go “Look out! He’s got a broken milk carton!” every time I see a fight scene. I’m also pleased to report Bash seemed to quite like it too, and I’m fairly sure she wasn’t just humouring me.

You eat one lousy foot and they call you a cannibal. What a world!

Dan Torrence

Checkit out Mao, the funk soul brother

Checkit out Mao, tha funk soul brother
Checkit out Mao, the funk soul brother. [devan78]

Sweet. Afros are back – great news for me. :-)

Thanks, moderate spender.

Robot beauty is just… incomprehensible.

Bash, while watching Futurama

Final notice! The Earth will fall into Null Space! ACT NOW!!!1111

I received one of these PDFs today, apparently from Frank Hatch himself, sent to my work email address. Quite fascinatingly wrgon. As spam, it certainly makes a change from drugs and 409s…

(Tee hee… When tagging this post, I accidentally forgot to comma-separate the tags, and gave birth to the new uber tag “spam-humour-religion”. Anyone care to found such a religion with me?)

Alison Goldfrapp just doesn’t get monads

I’ve just realised that Goldfrapp’s song “Strict Machine” is actually a rant against haskell, or possibly miranda. One can hope that it’s the Python or Ruby runtime she’s in love with, but somehow you just know it’s the JVM, in all its baroque 80s-retro glory. Silly girl.

I blew her a kiss once, you know. I got a cold stare in return.

Go Feynman!

Feynman gets all the girls – another reason he’s my hero.

And in other JVT news…

Wow. JVT gets a mention on Lambda The Ultimate. Proof that he’s made it.

Next step: Thumbnail for JVT Must Prove P=NP

The long slow process of evolving into a whale

The funniest thing about the latest PBF comic is that whales actually evolved from land dwellers. That’s always completed freaked my noggin: you are a quadraped the size of a wolf and you decide it’s time to head back to the ocean and start evolving into the largest animal on the planet. WTF?

Yeah, no blogging lately. I’ve been busy and haven’t felt like it. Fneagh.

JVT Must Die

It was only a matter of time before somebody did this. What was surprising was that the culprit wasn’t, apparently, a student…

JVT Must Die 2 JVT Must Die 3

Two great photos by Bash

This is where we live:

view from our spare room

This, thankfully, is not:

anti-shoplifting sign

Bruce Schneier Facts

One for everyone who took CS-318 last year, or will be taking it next year: Bruce Schneier Facts.

(And if you don’t get it but want to, check out this and this.)

Keep on Truckin’…

I saw this in G2 the other day and literally (and yes, I do mean literally!) laughed my head off.

Prescott at the cinema

Somewhat in the spirit of “Gabriel at the airport”, here’s an amusing little snippet from Paul Miller.

Kissing Hank’s Ass

Kissing Hank’s Ass – spot on.

All the girls love me ‘cos I’m so depressed; also I have oil.

After graduation, Seyhan decided he’d had enough of computers, and moved into haulage:

Trucker Seyhan thumbnail

(Photo by Bash on Fabian Way, apparently.)

Gird your mighty torso with amusing images!

All the t-shirts I will ever need are at threadless. And if they aren’t, I can submit my own designs and have them voted on. Quality.

Courtesy of DaveA, sporting the rather marvellous Heroes In An Art-Shell yesterday.

Shame they’re in America. Why isn’t there anything like this (or CafePress) but based in the UK? (At least, there wasn’t the last time I looked – is there now?) Seriously though, I could spend a lot of dollars here. If I had any. :-)

I want: Follow_It, Bear Hug, Who F*cking Cares?, Satan’s Little Helper, Bonsai Gardener, The Motive, Kabuki Fish, You Sank My Battleship, Rocketbird, Cheese, Zombie Donkey, Damn Scientists.

Getting fruity in Swansea

Seen the new Tango ad, with the fruit rolling down the hill, through windows, knocking over the bike, etc.? The one that’s a spoof of the, oh, is it a Sony ad in San Francisco? (Sony: CGI sterility; Tango: real fruit messiness).

Well, the Tango one was filmed here in Swansea. I thought it was the legendarily steep Consistution Hill, but others seem to think it’s Cambridge Street. Anyway…

They did some pretty decent viral marketing via via the “Swansea North Residents Association” website – looks convincing at first, but the clues are there. My doubts disappeared when I read they were launching the Swansea Yodelling Club. :-)

If you haven’t seen it, it’s online in various places, including google or at that “residents’” site.

The music: José González‘ cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats”. It’s lovely, but The Knife‘s version is even better – totally electro. Hear here.

Ceiling cat

Ceiling cat – yeah! [tudor]

The wacky world of Thorsten Altenkirch

The wacky world of Thorsten Altenkirch [via ping/will]

A blurry Thorsten Altenkirch at BTCTCS 2005

Cheers, Thorsten!

(For balance, here’s the perfectly sensible world of Thorsten Altenkirch.)

She says it was accidental…

For the record: Bash put mayo in her coffee on Saturday.

Consider the lilies… They’re well chuffed!

Via Bash, it’s The Happy Poster project.

In other Bash news, apparently she read the link to this story as “Police Rescue Mouse Tangled in Swingset” – her first thought was “how did they know it was there?” and then, when she saw the picture, “wow – that’s a really huge mouse”. :-)

New perspectives on food.

Awesome [simon]. I particularly like the sheep.

How’s My Teaching?

My students are invited to club together and buy me a How’s My Teaching? t-shirt. Charcoal grey or olive, medium or large, long or short sleeved, phone number as on my work home page, please. ;-)

Our pouch-faced friends

Two hamster stories: First, With This Image We Can Achieve World Peace and second, Snake Befriends Snack Hamster [pixi]. It’s not just any hamster, it’s a snack hamster. Like a pure bred Siberian, but more snacky.

Sheep on Bikes

Mint Sauce [malc]. “Mint” was always something I experienced second-hand, mainly through Malc going on about how good it was, and seeing the occasional strip or single image. It always did look like something I’d like to read if I had a big book of them on my lap, Calvin-and-Hobbes style, and yes Malc, Summer is awesome, and by awesome I mean totally sweet. I particularly like the glimpse of Mint’s paw in her hand in that strip (and the CATs). Ah, it takes me back to days of big hair, cloaks and emberday tarts (must cook that again some time).

Baby Bush Toys

Baby Bush Toys – Barbara sent me this link before Christmas but I’ve shamefully only just followed it. Oh, so busy! Anyway, good stuff. I particularly like the Circle of Liberty Puzzle.

Spoof signs

The spirit of Quizzing lives on, in technicolor. Glorious.

Gimbo’s Girlfriend

Gimbo’s Girlfriend.

“Yes, and she doesn’t stop there. Having got her shoulders through, she puts her arms behind her so that her legs are locked under her shoulders. In this position she walks around the house and can even eat a sandwich.”

2007.01.24: sadly, seems to be a dead link

Herring on Kong

As a small simian I believe that throwing women off of tall buildings, whilst tempting (especially if they hit you with a badmington racquet) is not acceptable behaviour. [simon]

Cuidado: vomito de gato

Cuidado: vomito de gato [yeti]. Class. Gladly, Fudge is usually a good girl in this regard.

Just another day at the office

Not a situation I’ve experienced myself, though I guess there’s still time [simon]. I’m amazed at their bravado – actually telling him to leave.

So you’ve nowhere to run to except…

LOL at Si’s “filmic internal monologue” on Moorland Sheep Hazards – scroll down, or read the whole thing if you have any sense of south-east Wales’ geography, and an appreciation for Si in semigrump mode (mathematicians, that’s like a semigroup, but in steaming blue latex shorts).

Also via Si, some fantastic lateral thinking puzzles.

bitterness=9, profanity on

The Commentator – super stuff. Thanks, TR.

Every time my fingers touch my lightsaber I’m Superfly TNT.

Revenge of the Sith: The Abridged Script [simon]. Who cares about the frickin’ spoilers, this is just as enjoyable as the movie’s gonna be…

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