On the money

My life. :-)

I once told her…

I am that man.

(Shame the sound quality on the video’s so poor though.)

Edwardian Callington photos on the BBC, courtesy of the Gimblett boys

This morning, my Dad opened an exhibition in the museum in my home town, of ninety photos taken by my great-grandfather, found (on glass plates) when Dad retired, and recently restored by him via digital photography. Here’s an article on the BBC, including an audio interview with Dad, in which (I think) he sounds fab. Rich voice, Terrence!

Stone Buddha on my bedroom wall

Stone Buddha, rasterbated

Original, rasterbated.

For your listening pleasure

Finally: I’ve created an artist account on last.fm, and now you can listen to all the music I’ve ever made that might not be total rubbish, conveniently organised into four albums spanning the last twelve years of mildly frustrated but entertaining knob twiddling.

I might even get royalties if enough people listen to them…

I am an exemplar of Andyness!

Surreal… This page, explaining why “Andy” is a better abbreviation of “Andrew” than “Drew” includes this picture (taken by by Markus) of me pulling one weird-ass face — apparently that’s some good Andy! If I recall correctly, I was listening to Yoshinao Isobe explain his encoding of one of the models of CSP in Isabelle/HOL. That kind of thing will tend to induce face pulling, mind.

Andys rule. Andys play bass and trombone and some of us even play bass trombone. Andys are good with their hands. Andys will make fun of people but no one will care because everyone knows an Andy is just being an Andy and not out to hurt anyone. An Andy will send you flowers just because.

Andys will date your sister and marry her.

I can’t really fault his logic. Partially because there isn’t any, but also because it’s all true.

Swansea Bananaphone Flashmob Video

Swansea Bananaphone Flashmob

Nice vid, Dan. :-)

Loud and clear

I had a hearing test this morning. To my small amazement, my hearing is apparently just fine – completely within normal bounds. In particular, there are no signs of noise-induced hearing loss, which is frankly incredible given the punishment (mainly via headphones) I’ve given these babies over the years.

The bad news: this means that my apparent difficulty in following conversations (particularly ones I’m on the edge of) in loud-ish surroundings (eg parties, pubs, conferences, etc.) is either a result of deficient mental processing or (probably more likely) that I’m simply not paying enough attention. Still, good to know!

Who’s a pretty boy, then?

Who's a pretty boy, then?

Also, I can flare my nostrils at will

Something to remember next time I’m applying for a job.

A few photos of Familia Gimboland

From Bash, a great portrait of my father and I:

Andy and Terry

… and from Gimbo, three pictures of our cats:

Fudge, resplendent Kisses and disdain Eye to eye with Sophie

Bonus from Bash, just ‘cos it made me say “wow”:

Heart, take flight

Gimbo’s Girlfriend

Gimbo’s Girlfriend.

“Yes, and she doesn’t stop there. Having got her shoulders through, she puts her arms behind her so that her legs are locked under her shoulders. In this position she walks around the house and can even eat a sandwich.”

2007.01.24: sadly, seems to be a dead link