Real Life Tron on an Apple IIgs

I can’t remember where I saw this, but: Real Life Tron on an Apple IIgs.


Ha ha ha, excellent: Type Racer [davea].

Won my first race with a measly 66 wpm; I had to type the following spookily apt quote:

Throughout my academic career, I’d given some pretty good talks. But being considered the best speaker in a computer-science department is like being known as the tallest of the Seven Dwarfs.

Randy Pausch‘s last lecture book.

Puzzle time

My Mum sent me this on a piece of paper ages ago; it’s been sitting in my office waiting for me to digitise it so I can recycle the increasingly frayed piece of paper…

Each of the following represents a short well-known (or maybe not so well-known) phrase. The puzzle is: what’s the phrase? To get your started, the first one is “5,4,3,2,1 Thunderbirds Are Go!”.

  1. 54321 TAG
  2. 200 P to PG in M
  3. 516 & NBK
  4. 6 W of H the E
  5. 3 S to H
  6. 18 VA
  7. 11 DS is the CH
  8. 5 GR
  9. 9 L of a C
  10. 24 C means PG
  11. 2 Q in a C
  12. 2 LDBs on a W
  13. 50 W to LYL (PS)
  14. 50 S of A
  15. 24 BB in a P
  16. 1001 AN
  17. LBA 40
  18. 10 D in D
  19. 8 is the SR of SF
  20. 3 M & a B
  21. 39S (JB)

Answers in the comments section? I hope I’ve read her handwriting correctly. :-)

The urge to play

I recently discovered Kongregate, thanks to the twin magics of Psychopixi and Facebook. It’s a handy-dandy ubersite of online (mainly (exclusively?)) flash games, just the ticket for tickling that urge to game that comes over me now and then, especially when reading Penny Arcade from start to finish as I did for the second time in December. ;-)

In particular, I can’t heap enough praise on 3D Logic and 3D Logic 2 for infuriating puzzliness. In fact, I’m still stuck on level 30 of the latter.

Chore wars

Chore Wars.

Desired outcome.

You can’t beat python for seeing in the new year…

Gimbo’s New Year’s Eve 06/07:

Pestilence and decay

I’ve been ill. sniffle I still have a sore throat/cough which is shifting slowly, ever so slowly. Bleugh.

And while we’re on the subject of rotting flesh, it’s high time I mentioned the one thing that’s been dominating coffee-time conversation round here for the last month: Urban Dead – a low-tech Zombie Acopalypse Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. It’s really rather good. It’s also (deliberately) very slow: everything you do costs one action point; you’re given two action points per hour; and you can never have more than fifty. As such, you can’t spend all day playing it, so it’s not too much of a time sink. You can, of course, spend all day reading the wiki. My advice: start as a scientist, and get your XP by scanning zombies. Get Free Running as soon as you can, then First Aid. I’ve been playing since the 6th of May and I’m level 9 already.

Alternatively, of course, play as a zombie and eat your friends. Brains! Brains! Brains! Kids OK.

Crash Bandicoot was written with Lisp

WTF? Crash Bandicoot was written with Lisp??? Seems everybody’s talking about how great Lisp is lately…

And on the subject of games, these are pretty cool too.