Couch-to-5K: week 2, day 2

In the bag. That is all.

(Heading to Falmouth this weekend to see Cariadys, so I’ll have to take my shoes n ting with me I suppose…)

Couch-to-5K: week 2, day 1

Week 2 begins! I was anticipating (not with pleasure) going to the gym this morning, given yesterday’s/last night’s rain, but the morning was grey, mild, and dry so another outdoor run — how long can this luck last?

This week we alternate 90s of running with 120s of walking (with 5 mins warm-up top and tail again). I was fairly out of breath by the end of the first burst of running and worried I was going to find the whole workout hard, but the 2 mins walking compensated nicely and after that, it was fine. Just at that sweet spot of hard-ish but definitely doable.

Shins felt good; I followed Jo and Bash’s advice from Friday, and also re-inserted my meta-warmup (before stretching).

I didn’t run yesterday because I was bloody knackered from an extremely awesome weekend of climbing in the Peak District. Aches in all the right places. :-) Next run should be Thursday morning.

Couch-to-5K: week 1, day 3

Week 1 complete! Grey clouds but no rain today so another outdoor run, happily.

I shortened my warm-up for this and the previous run; instead of walking through the park, stretching, then starting the 5 minute warm-up “proper”, I called the walk through the park the warm-up, but interrupted it at the end for stretching before starting to run. Now I’m thinking I should go back to the old way, as my shins were definitely grumbling by the end of this run, and — as may be becoming clear — I am quite anxious about shin splints. One running friend told me, when asked about them, “of course I get them – I just run anyway”, but I don’t want to be running in pain, nor do I think I should be. So next week, back to what is effectively a 10 minute warm-up walk with stretches in the middle. Next week it’s 90s of running alternating with 120s of walking (up from 60s/90s this week).

On that note, can anyone recommend good stretches for holding off shin splints?

Couch-to-5K: week 1, day 2, take 2

No rain today, so I got out and did week 1, day 2 again. Some twinges in my shins towards the end, which worries me rather. And for some reason I wasn’t much enjoying the music being served up by my Shiny Device… Just one of those days, I guess.

I’m really enjoying being up and out the house early. I love being up in the morning, especially outside, but like many people, unless I have a compelling reason to leave the Warm Coccoon Of Perfect Relaxation, I won’t.

I rang the uni gym on Monday to ask about coming in for the necessary induction before being able to use it; I was told to come in any time on Tuesday. Naturally, when I turned up at 4:30 on Tuesday I was told: “Obviously, because we’re short-staffed, we can’t do it today, sorry. Come back tomorrow.” Sigh.

I’m planning to run again on Friday morning. On Friday evening I’ll be off to the Peak District with the climbing club for the weekend. I’m rather looking forward to it, particularly as I’ve never been there before. Stanage on Saturday, Castle Naze on Sunday, weather permitting.

Couch-to-5K reboot: week 1, day 1, take 2

I really hope it wasn’t caused by the cold morning run on Wednesday. I’ve been telling myself it’s just the usual October Cold which anyone working at the university gets thanks to all the filthy students coming back. Either way, by Wednesday evening I was feeling unpleasantly coldy, and after a night of exciting mucus adventures, I took Thursday and Friday off work and mainly sat in bed saying “ugh”. I watched Munich and Lord of War, both of which I enjoyed and would recommend.

According to schedule, I should have been running on Friday, but that was obviously not a good idea. I went to Cornwall for the weekend, to see my family and celebrate my brother’s imminent birthday (and to see him in the local am-dram company‘s production of ‘Allo ‘Allo!, as Officer Crabtree — hilarity ensues), and didn’t take my shoes (or much fancy the hilly terrain just yet), so that was week 1 out the window.

By last night I was pretty much feeling better, happily. Today is another beautiful cold clear day, so off I went for week 1, day 1, take 2. It felt good, and I was wrapped up warm, but now I’m feeling a bit coldy again… Was it too soon? We shall see. The plan is to run again on Wednesday morning. The weather might be turning wet by then, so I should probably check out the gym tomorrow if possible. The gym. Me. What is the world coming to…?

Couch-to-5K: week 1, day 2

Easier than last time!

Same route and schedule as before, but today I went before breakfast, rather than in the late afternoon. I’d planned to do day 2 yesterday, but I went climbing for the first time in years on Monday evening (which was awesome, by the way), and yesterday my legs were still rather twingey so I decided to rest another day, properly.

Unlike milk, that was a good choice: it’s a beautiful autumn day today: clear, crisp, cold, ionic. I ditched the rucksack and wore surfy shorts with pockets (I need something to hold my iPhone, and none of my Actual Running Clothes have pockets). I didn’t get too hot. I didn’t get stitch. My left shin was slightly grumbly initially but nothing came of it. I was out of breath, but it was definitely easier than Sunday, for whatever reason. In summary: felt good, and felt great afterwards.

If only every day’s weather was going to be like this…

Couch-to-5K: week 1, day 1

I’ve just got back into the house after doing week 1/day 1 of couch-to-5k, an interval training program designed to take you from “not running at all” to your first 5Km run in gentle controlled increments. I was surprised at how hard I found it, to be honest. Day 1 is ridiculously low impact — alternating 60 seconds running with 90 seconds of walking from 20 minutes, with 5 minutes’ warm-up walking at start and end — but after a couple of cycles I was getting quite out of breath, and by the by the half way point I was getting a stitch, and very happy each time the nice lady in my iPhone said “walk” not “run”. But I did it, and actually rather enjoyed it, and I certainly feel good now, afterwards — sense of satisfaction coupled with glowy-body-feeling. :-)

It’s a nine-week program, so the trick now is to keep it up; writing about it here is part of the mechanism for that, so unless I fail utterly, this ought to turn into a bit of a running blog for the next couple of months, and maybe beyond. I’ve cunningly chosen to start in mid-October, so darkness, cold, wind and rain will be my main enemies, I expect – particularly rain as I’d like to run with headphones (not earbuds as I don’t have any which stay in) but they probably shouldn’t get too wet, thus: quandry. On the subject of cold, the other thing which surprised me today was how much heat I produced; I had three (thin, technical) layers on, and my coat in my rucksack, and on the warm-up walk I was quite cold, but once I started running, whammo. So that’s good.

Route: I walked from my house down through Singleton Park to the sea front (just over 5 minutes) where I did some cursory, confused and no-doubt sloppy stretches (one of the main things worrying me has been shin splints, which I always seem to get if I run for a bus, etc.; so far, so good!) before starting the work-out proper. 5 minutes walking took me to opposite the Pub On The Pond, when I started running/walking; the half-way point was the Texaco garage at Blackpill, and the return journey had the same way-marks, so my pace must have been reasonably consistent. Because I was using Bluefin’s iPhone c25k app, I couldn’t use runkeeper to track my pace, etc., sadly: runkeeper doesn’t seem to run in the background… The Bluefin app seemed to work quite well, though.