This am Gimboland!


Gimboland == Gimbo’s webspace. Blog, photos, misc stuff, etc. Established February 2001.


In this domain, Gimbo is isomorphic to Andy Gimblett, a computer scientist living and working in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom. Swansea is located here on the planet. I work here, teaching mainly practical “systems-oriented” topics at Bachelor’s & Master’s level. I also spend some (not nearly enough for my liking) time doing research: my current focus is on tool support for the specification language CSP-CASL in the framework of the hets toolset, but more generally I’m interested in languages, type systems, functional higher-order programming (in particular but not only haskell), and the over-arching question of how best to tell computers what the hell it is we want them to do.

In my spare time I like to bang on drums, walk on cliffs & hills, make bleepy music, hang out with cats & humans, tweak my website, and do all the other million little things we humans do.