Couch-to-5K: week 2, day 2

In the bag. That is all.

(Heading to Falmouth this weekend to see Cariadys, so I’ll have to take my shoes n ting with me I suppose…)

Couch-to-5K: week 2, day 1

Week 2 begins! I was anticipating (not with pleasure) going to the gym this morning, given yesterday’s/last night’s rain, but the morning was grey, mild, and dry so another outdoor run — how long can this luck last?

This week we alternate 90s of running with 120s of walking (with 5 mins warm-up top and tail again). I was fairly out of breath by the end of the first burst of running and worried I was going to find the whole workout hard, but the 2 mins walking compensated nicely and after that, it was fine. Just at that sweet spot of hard-ish but definitely doable.

Shins felt good; I followed Jo and Bash’s advice from Friday, and also re-inserted my meta-warmup (before stretching).

I didn’t run yesterday because I was bloody knackered from an extremely awesome weekend of climbing in the Peak District. Aches in all the right places. :-) Next run should be Thursday morning.