Couch-to-5K: week 1, day 2, take 2

No rain today, so I got out and did week 1, day 2 again. Some twinges in my shins towards the end, which worries me rather. And for some reason I wasn’t much enjoying the music being served up by my Shiny Device… Just one of those days, I guess.

I’m really enjoying being up and out the house early. I love being up in the morning, especially outside, but like many people, unless I have a compelling reason to leave the Warm Coccoon Of Perfect Relaxation, I won’t.

I rang the uni gym on Monday to ask about coming in for the necessary induction before being able to use it; I was told to come in any time on Tuesday. Naturally, when I turned up at 4:30 on Tuesday I was told: “Obviously, because we’re short-staffed, we can’t do it today, sorry. Come back tomorrow.” Sigh.

I’m planning to run again on Friday morning. On Friday evening I’ll be off to the Peak District with the climbing club for the weekend. I’m rather looking forward to it, particularly as I’ve never been there before. Stanage on Saturday, Castle Naze on Sunday, weather permitting.