Couch-to-5K reboot: week 1, day 1, take 2

I really hope it wasn’t caused by the cold morning run on Wednesday. I’ve been telling myself it’s just the usual October Cold which anyone working at the university gets thanks to all the filthy students coming back. Either way, by Wednesday evening I was feeling unpleasantly coldy, and after a night of exciting mucus adventures, I took Thursday and Friday off work and mainly sat in bed saying “ugh”. I watched Munich and Lord of War, both of which I enjoyed and would recommend.

According to schedule, I should have been running on Friday, but that was obviously not a good idea. I went to Cornwall for the weekend, to see my family and celebrate my brother’s imminent birthday (and to see him in the local am-dram company‘s production of ‘Allo ‘Allo!, as Officer Crabtree — hilarity ensues), and didn’t take my shoes (or much fancy the hilly terrain just yet), so that was week 1 out the window.

By last night I was pretty much feeling better, happily. Today is another beautiful cold clear day, so off I went for week 1, day 1, take 2. It felt good, and I was wrapped up warm, but now I’m feeling a bit coldy again… Was it too soon? We shall see. The plan is to run again on Wednesday morning. The weather might be turning wet by then, so I should probably check out the gym tomorrow if possible. The gym. Me. What is the world coming to…?