Eastside Roots

Heading to Cornwall on a train last Friday, I spotted something interesting as we neared Bristol Temple Meads: Eastside Roots, a community gardening project — look out for it by Stapleton Road station.

I once told her…

I am that man.

(Shame the sound quality on the video’s so poor though.)

“Believe Me, It’s Torture”

Christopher Hitchens gets waterboarded [via Dawkins].

The evolution of the eye

Anti-evolutionists sometimes use the human eye as an argument for a creator; here’s David Attenborough explaining why that’s tosh [via frosty].

If Philosophers Were Programmers

If Philosophers Were Programmers [brunns].

Nice to see that Wittgenstein (or at least, one of the Wittgensteins) is also a Haskell man…

Cassini’s continued mission

Some truly incredible pictures of Saturn and its friends.

Best gimboland blog comment yet

Um… what? Thanks for that, Ravi.

Sir Clement on good form

He will be missed [via rhodri].


Typogridphy — A Typographical and Grid Layout CSS Framework [via hacker newspaper via raganwald].

Strunk and White Considered Harmful

50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice from Strunk & White — fascinating. (Author’s homepage.)

Fake People Tell Fake Stories About The Threat Of Gay Marriage

Fake People Tell Fake Stories About The Threat Of Gay Marriage [brunns].

Modelling lightning with Haskell

Cool: Modelling lightning with Haskell [via dons].

Sign here, please

If you think it shouldn’t be illegal to photograph police officers, please sign here. If you don’t think so, please watch this and then tell me why not. Thanks!

Edwardian Callington photos on the BBC, courtesy of the Gimblett boys

This morning, my Dad opened an exhibition in the museum in my home town, of ninety photos taken by my great-grandfather, found (on glass plates) when Dad retired, and recently restored by him via digital photography. Here’s an article on the BBC, including an audio interview with Dad, in which (I think) he sounds fab. Rich voice, Terrence!

“The Doctor Will Sue You Now”

If you’re ever looking for a warning sign that you’re on the wrong side of an argument, suing Medecins Sans Frontieres is probably a pretty good clue.

Video of Ian Tomlinson assualted from behind without provocation by a police officer

The Guardian have published video footage of Ian Tomlinson, a bystander caught up in last week’s G20 protests in London, being struck from behind in the leg with a baton and pushed to the ground by a police officer as he walked away peacably with his hands in his pockets. He died of a heart attack a little while later.

It becomes clearer that the purpose of riot police is not only to protect the public at large by controlling riots, but also to protect the status quo by discouraging dissent and protest — if you know that even protesting peacefully (or being in the area of a protest but not participating, as in Tomlinson’s case) you are at risk of unprovoked attack by armed, armoured and aggressive large males, you will tend to be discouraged from doing so. I know I am. :-/

ToneMatrix: funnnn!

Much fun to play with: ToneMatrix, a Tenori-on-like Flash jobbie [via rhodri]. Go! Now! Play!

How to grow your own fresh air

How to grow your own fresh air.

Gimbobread: loaves eight and nine

Loaf 8 was dedicated to the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga. Coincidentally, I forgot to go to my ashtanga yoga class the next day.

Loaf 8-4: after second rise Loaf 8-8: and the other side Loaf 8-9: slices!

Loaf 9 was dedicated to Ganesha. Ironically, it was the smallest loaf I’ve yet made (except for the first one, which wasn’t intentional). I reduced the amounts by a third to try to avoid the “blooming mushroom” shape of earlier loaves, and ended up with a nice regular-shaped loaf with good sandwich and toasting properties.

Loaf 9-1: 2/3 the usual size Loaf 9-2: good size for sandwiches & toasting