I didn’t teach him to swear like that!

Take one-time Gimbo tutee and long-time beard user DaveA, and one handsome stranger from outta town goes by the name of Zac, some beer and some Jaegermeister, whisk them together briskly in a kitchen in Helsinki and you’ve got what we in the 1970s American sitcom business call a recipe for laughter. Oh yes.

Gourmet Pizza Tacos.

Microwave chocolate cake.

Go you.

Update 2008-09-15: they have a website!

Update 2008-10-01: two more recipes!

One Response to “I didn’t teach him to swear like that!”

  1. DaveA
    September 14th, 2008 | 1:33 am

    “long-time beard user” is perhaps the favouritest description of myself I’ve ever heard. Thanks! :D