Curses – the good name of the domain is being sullied by spammers.

Today I found about 200 “Mail delivery failure” reports in my “catchall” mailbox. It looks like the spammers are abusing me indirectly, in a way which can’t be stopped. (Though I can fairly easily ignore them, tbh.)

Since I own the domain, I get to look after any email sent to that domain. There are a few boxes set up, but if you email, say, (for which there isn’t a mailbox set up), it’ll fall through to a “catchall” account. This is incredibly useful for, eg, signing up to websites. I don’t need to re-use a “real” email address, I can just use If that site ever sells on that address and it starts getting spam, I can filter it easily. Nice, no problemo, etc.

Unfortunately, this means that if anyone sends you an email with a forged reply address of (say), and you bounce it (because it’s obviously spam, or the recipient address doesn’t exist), your bounce notification ends up in my inbox.

It appears that some spammer has started using addresses for this purpose. I wonder if it’s someone I know having a go at me. Possible, but unlikely (I guess). Occam’s Razor says it’s probably just my random bad luck today. I wonder how long it’ll last… I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it, unfortunately… Ah well!

Later… TR suggested I was being Joe Jobbed, which I agree is possible. The profile of the spam is “normal contemporary spam”, however (ie nonsense text and attached gifs actually selling something), which perhaps doesn’t fit the Joe Job profile. *shrug*.