I would be like David Lee Roth!

Currently greatly enjoying reading Questionable Content from start to finish. Bash spotted it linked off xkcd.

I saw Children Of Men last night and it completely broke my brain. That film is completely drenched in fear; every moment of the film, every character, everything that happens is driven by fear. Awful, just absolutely horrible. I mean, a great film (and I really like Clive Owen, I think) but I will be happy never to see it again. The last film I saw which left me feeling like this was Requiem For A Dream back in late 2002, but if anything last night was worse – with Requiem, it was really only the last half hour that was drowning in trauma, whereas last night it was the whole fucking film.

As such, I am spending the day at home nursing my psyche by drinking cups of tea and reading harmless web comics. :-)

3 Responses to “I would be like David Lee Roth!”

  1. WH
    February 10th, 2007 | 1:54 pm

    I found a different sensation while watching the film, not fear or dread but hope: the worst has already happened, we begin in despair, where the best one can do is (as Theo’s art curator friend says) simply not to think about it. Yet into this world comes Klee, and suddenly things matter again. Clive Owen’s character may not survive the journey, but he ends it more alive than when he began, and on a moment of joy. Children of Men is a hosanna, not a requiem…


  2. February 10th, 2007 | 2:52 pm

    It wouldn’t need the human race to become suddenly and mysterious infertile to take our civilisation into the brutish hell I saw in the movie – it could take much less, and that is what I’m afraid of. The cages, the truncheons, the airborne explosive death delivered without mercy or reason. For too much of the world that is reality right now, and frankly it seems to be getting worse. Of course, the film was constructed to play exactly on these fears, but they happen to be deep ones in me. Threads hit the same nerves, resonating down from an eighties childhood in a house that watched the news and a child with a vivid imagination. shrug

  3. MA
    February 11th, 2007 | 2:18 pm

    Missed you last night at the party. Hope you will feel better soon. The world isnt worse than you think it is. Which means: cheer up, stay to comics, enjoy strangers` and friends` company.

    For the second Saturday in row I had lunch and coffee with an older lady that mysteriously turns up to my table. Once in the Gower, yesterday in the market. No, not the same woman, but both 68 years old, and very very friendly.