Yahoo UI library for fluid layouts with CSS

Potentially useful: Intricate Fluid Layouts in Three Easy Steps.

This is a CSS library, from Yahoo (under a BSD license), which claims to do flexible page layout, with multiple rows and columns, arbitrary nesting, etc. well – ie works across browsers, works across font sizes, etc.

I certainly spent a long time on getting the layout “right” (or at least satisfactory) with gimboland-reloaded, and only really concentrated on getting it right in Firefox. I think there are issues in IE, and I haven’t even seen it in Safari. As I’ve said, I’m not so bothered, but I must admit to being tempted by a tool which claims to do this work for me.

I’m not going to apply it here, however (at least just yet). In particular, the following excerpt from the comments on that page is +1 Insightful, IMHO:

Like Andrew said, this is a step backwards. In order to change the look of the site, I now have to touch the structural layer. So now presentation is being relegated back to the markup, which is just all kinds of bad.

Nate Cavanaugh

The point being that for YUI to work, your desired rendering structure must be reflected in the document source — so for example, if I want the kind of layout I have here, then my structure must be “header, footer, and ‘container’ are siblings; main and sidebar are children of ‘container’”; whereas in the current source the header, main, sidebar, and footer are all siblings at the same level which is, well, just a bit nicer. :-) Still, I’m not 100% convinced it’s still not worthwhile, so I’m keeping the link around, hence this post. :-)

(Expect more “stuff I just want to bookmark” posts from now on (again) — unless I start using or something, I suppose.)