Rock on, young stunningly-good-looking Management Consultant!

Joel on management consultancy – golden. The crux: “

The whole fraud is only possible because performance metrics in knowledge organizations are completely trivial to game.

Follow-up 2006-11-29: We’re from Harvard and we cost too much for you – balanced, insightful.

Rails vs Django

Rails vs Django [smallcool].

Interesting and balanced. I tried Django about a year ago and did indeed get going with it quite quickly, although the lack of migration was a big pain in the butt, and sounds like a killer feature in Rails.

Iraq is like a fist in a beehive

There – I’ve said it. Wonderful and well-expressed analogy for the Iraq situation courtesy of Simon.

Alison Goldfrapp just doesn’t get monads

I’ve just realised that Goldfrapp’s song “Strict Machine” is actually a rant against haskell, or possibly miranda. One can hope that it’s the Python or Ruby runtime she’s in love with, but somehow you just know it’s the JVM, in all its baroque 80s-retro glory. Silly girl.

I blew her a kiss once, you know. I got a cold stare in return.

Go Feynman!

Feynman gets all the girls – another reason he’s my hero.

Logo in Javascript

cs fd 70 repeat 11 [ repeat 17 [ rt 226 fd 75 ] fd 75 ]

Thanks, TR! How lucky the children whose first language was Logo.