The long slow process of evolving into a whale

The funniest thing about the latest PBF comic is that whales actually evolved from land dwellers. That’s always completed freaked my noggin: you are a quadraped the size of a wolf and you decide it’s time to head back to the ocean and start evolving into the largest animal on the planet. WTF?

Yeah, no blogging lately. I’ve been busy and haven’t felt like it. Fneagh.

Gimbo’s thought for the day

The best preparation for being able to deal with the things you want is not getting them.

(For a while, at least. ;-) )

Steel pan drumming at the Swansea MAS Carnival 2006

As previously reported, last Saturday was carnival day in Swansea and I got roped in, very willingly, to do some steel pan drumming. It was a great day, and I have discovered a love for dancing in the street. :-) There were loads of amazingly dressed people doing fun things and generally celebrating the idea of having a good time and being alive. Good stuff. I ended up in the Monkey that night and met lots more interesting people, including someone who’s going to help me execute my next Cunning Plan. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, my carnival photos are here, although they’re mainly before/after shots (ie of the preparation and aftermath), since during the actual procession I was a bit busy banging on my drum. A few favourites:

Gimbo with facepaint Smoking blue devil Jamie and foxy devils Young fellow panner Mandy and Dan, ready to go The Mask Karen warming up The infinite red carpet players Post-parade stilt relaxation Abandoned head dress

JVT Must Die

It was only a matter of time before somebody did this. What was surprising was that the culprit wasn’t, apparently, a student…

JVT Must Die 2 JVT Must Die 3

Two great photos by Bash

This is where we live:

view from our spare room

This, thankfully, is not:

anti-shoplifting sign