wmii FreeBSD and xmms plugins (in ruby)

A few days ago I started using wmii, with Mauricio Fernandez’ ruby scripting magic, and oh it’s fun.

The status bar monitors that come in Mauricio’s code don’t work for me, however, because I’m running FreeBSD not Linux, and things like uptime and battery status get report differently. Also, there wasn’t any xmms control/monitoring. I have now fixed both of these problems, and invite others to partake of the goodness.

So: wmii-freebsd@gimbo.org.uk.rb – a ruby/wmii plugin defining status bar monitors which work under FreeBSD.

And: wmii-xmms@gimbo.org.uk.rb – a ruby/wmii plugin defining an xmms status bar monitor, and some key bindings for simple control of xmms (play/pause; next; previous; forward 5 secs; back 5 secs; toggle shuffle; er, that’s it).

Status bar screenshot:

ruby wmii freebsd/xmms status bar monitors

From left to right: xmms monitor displaying track name, time elapsed, shuffle status (“>” is normal, “@” is shuffle); current master volume; the “-N-” is a standard plugin so I say nothing here; temperature and CPU speed; load averages; uptime (h:mm); battery status and time remaining; date/time.

Comments, suggestions, bugfixes, criticisms of my appalling ruby code all welcome.

2 Responses to “wmii FreeBSD and xmms plugins (in ruby)”

  1. July 15th, 2006 | 12:44 pm

    No wmii comments from me I’m afraid. Rather, what’s your email address these days? The one on here bounced with recipient unknown (yes, I removed the anti-spam bit).

  2. javi
    March 10th, 2007 | 12:18 am

    thanks! the xmms plugin is great