Web hosting: Nearly Free Speech

Interesting: nearlyfreespeech.net provide (US-based) web hosting on a pay-for-usage basis. $1.00 per gigabyte transferred, and $0.01 per megabyte-month of disk storage.

Gimboland currently consists of about 200MB of storage, and about 1.5GB per month bandwidth (somehow!). So that’d be about $3.50 per month. Not bad.

OTOH I’m only paying $11.95 per month now, which with the current exchange rate is still fairly peanuts. Plus I get to pay by direct debit, which nearlyfreespeech.net don’t seem to support. I’ve been pretty happy with webquarry‘s hosting, so I’m in no hurry to jump ship for the sake of a couple of quid per month. I may yet change my mind about this, however.

Anyway, in the meantime, maybe someone else will find this interesting/useful…?