Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?

Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind? – Ruminations on the Psychology and Aesthetics of Coding [robot]

I really enjoyed this article, if only for the profound sense of relief it drenched me in. When I program, I program in emacs, mostly, (but not always) in python, and mostly (but not always), under Unix. I haven’t done any “visual” programming for over seven years, and haven’t missed it. I found the experience painful. I do sometimes, however, worry that I’m getting stuck in the dark ages, or missing something great – that I would be so much more productive if I just “got with the program” and did things The Modern Way.

The article reinforces my underlying belief that what I do is right, for me at least. I remain convinced that the programmer’s most important tool is their brain, and that the programmer’s key task is organisation. Any tool that gets in the way of that task, and which prevents me from wielding my brain to full effect, diminishes my ability to program well.

The other thing the article confirms for me is that yes, Windows programming really has been horrible since day one. So much of what I read there had me nodding, saying to myself “Yes! When I did this I knew it was wrong! I knew it was stupid!”. I’m definitely better off out of it. :-)