Vader-San and the girls

Vader-San and the girls [robot]

More Robot Wisdom goodies: Feynman/von Neumann US postage stamps, future windfarms (“twelve [offshore] wind farms of 100 units would meet the UK government’s 10% target for renewable sources” – so let’s build 120?), and finally short excerpts from Rwanda genocide accounts book, eg:

Saving the babies, that was not practical. They were whacked against walls and trees or they were cut right away. They were killed more quickly, because of their small size and because their suffering was of no use. The babies could not understand the why of the suffering; it was not worth lingering over them.

Chilling. We saw Hotel Rwanda last week, and I gotta say, it was one of the hardest films I’ve ever watched – up there with Threads in terms of visceral human horror, made worse by its reality. Highly recommended.