Debugging Python with Bobby Friction and Big URL

Teaching is over, exams are happening, and the office is quiet of students – except for the occasional past paper question from some enthusiastic reviser. As a consequence it’s time to catch up with coursework marking, and start cracking on with whipping systems into shape in preparation for the flood of exam marks which will hit my desk soonish… Avid readers will remember that this was fun in February, and lots of late nights are clearly on the cards. Once that’s over, it’s research-agogo for the summer, hopefully.

Musically, it’s XTC Radio, the mighty Groove Salad, and Cryosleep once again, but also – thanks to Bash’s keen ear – the delightfully named Bobby Friction and Nihal on Radio One. Gawd help me, they call it “urban”. The hell with that, what it is is rawkin’, Mother.

One Response to “Debugging Python with Bobby Friction and Big URL”

  1. Jon
    June 5th, 2005 | 4:48 am

    Nice, here are some more though I’m not sure they will be your kinda thang…