Welcome back to Beijing, Mr Gimblett

In November 2001, I went to China and walked on the Great Wall. On Easter Saturday this year, I flew out there again, to spend a week visiting Universities telling the students there that Computer Science in Swansea rocks, which of course it does.

It was a very busy trip: lots of travelling, lots of public speaking, lots of meeting Important People, and lots and lots of Chinese food – w00t. Donkey was eaten at one point. Specifically, it was the donkey from Shrek. Very tasty, and my chopstick fu is now at level five.

It was very much a Work trip; there wasn’t much time for sightseeing or recreation, but we squeezed in a bit: on the Sunday we arrived, we saw the Summer Palace and the China National Acrobatic Circus, and on the last day I was taken to the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, which I’d highly recommend if only for the chance to make a huge bell go CLONNNNGGGGGG!

I took 350 photos, the best 94 of which are here. And here are my personal faves:

Breakfast in Cardiff Help protect the railings Dr Wu, Jenny, and Qu Bo Headless Buddha Post lecture, getting some air The flag of the People's Republic of China Architecture in Wuhan Brazen Sage, close up The many roofs of the Yellow Crane Tower Cranes Li Jing rings the luck bell Part of Sweden Skanör, Sweden Welcome back