l33t words possibly indicating illegal activity

A parent’s primer to computer slang – Micro$oft kindly bringing the cliched “is your kid acting strangely? MAYBE THEY’RE ON DRUGS!” school of parenting into the Internet age.

… information-age slang is commonly referred to as leetspeek, or leet for short

Well it’s sure as hell not commonly referred to as “information-age slang”, that’s for sure.

Rules of grammar are rarely obeyed… Mistakes are often uncorrected

Well durrr. We are talking about teenagers here, after all. :-)

Interestingly, no mention of pr0n, however – which seems odd given that (as everyone knows) it’s what the Internet is best at, and WE’RE TALKING ABOUT TEENAGERS HERE!

Update 2005-02-19: Hmmm, pr0n is there now (misspelt), but I’m fairly convinced it wasn’t there before, and Bash (who sent me the link) agrees. Either I am/we are a numpty and missed it first time round, or someone at M$ reads Gimboland. Come on readers, which do you think is more likely? ;-)

Update 2005-02-22: I’m informed (see the comments!) that they’ve corrected the spelling mistake. Gimboland clearly rules the waves. :-)

2 Responses to “l33t words possibly indicating illegal activity”

  1. sir
    February 19th, 2005 | 1:35 pm

    From the site:

    “pron”: An anagram of “porn,” possibly indicating the use of pornography.

    I think that’s close enough ;)

  2. sir
    February 22nd, 2005 | 5:43 pm

    From the site now:

    “pr0n”: An anagram of “porn,” possibly indicating the use of pornography.

    Looks like they read Gimboland :)