Cellular Automata notebook

Nice overview of cellular automata, via Will.

That’s just one tasty nugget from Cosma Shalizi‘s extensive and apparently ever-growing list of notebooks on various topics (complete with RSS feed).

2 Responses to “Cellular Automata notebook”

  1. February 14th, 2005 | 6:28 am

    If you’re into cellular automata, have you read “A New Kind of Science” by Wolfram?

    It deals with cellular automata in a massive way, looking at the emergence of complexity from CA’s simplistic rules.

  2. February 14th, 2005 | 11:29 am

    Haven’t read it but have browsed it a couple of times. Several of my colleagues have a copy on their shelves, although I’ve heard it said that Wolfram’s a bit naughty when it comes to referencing prior work, and seems to give too much of an impression that this work is entirely new. *shrug* I haven’t read it and haven’t read the prior work so I couldn’t comment. It’s on the list, I guess, but who knows when…