Bugs! Get ‘em!

The ‘Ask Tog’ Bughouse, a list of the most common/persistent/annoying bugs bugs in computing [risks].

In particular, we have The 10 Most Persistent Bugs (with “The macintosh dock”, listed as “confusing a demo with a product – more here) and the pandemic bugs (including, for example, “Double clicking”, “Non-resizable text boxes”, and “‘Please wait’ messages”, which comes under the principle “Thou shalt not bore the user”).

Fom the same RISKS post, we also have the following:

Security D’ohLTs

I’ve been watching security people for years as they’ve slowly increased the security of everything they can get their hands on until any idiot can wander in.

This must be borne in mind if they ever let me loose on teaching a security module:

The goal of security is not to build a system that is theoretically securable, but to actually make it secure! The universities, at least as evidenced by their graduates, are only interested in theory. That needs to change, and change now.

Also, The Airport Experience, written in October 2001 on the confusion of “inconvenience” with “security”.

I particularly liked:

A steel door with a kill zone behind it will stop this latest escalation in its tracks. Even the occasion crazy who manages to sneak aboard a knife is going to be in real trouble. The pilot, from the safety of the cockpit, will simply ask everyone to put on their seatbelt. Then the pilot will do a little flying like back when he or she was in the Navy. A few barrel rolls and the crazy will be on the ceiling, begging for the handcuffs.

Finally, I should perhaps mention that TR, whose opinion I respect, thinks this guy is an idiot. :-)