Just what Mumbles needs: another cat

As of 2pm today, we are sharing our house with a Small Furry Person. She seems very calm about the whole thing, travelled well in the car, has had her first meal, and has designated “under the bed” as her safe spot, perhaps predictably. No vomit so far. She really likes having her head scratched, and seems to purr and chirrup more than miaow.

More on that story later. In the mean time, Simon need not fear, however, for the camera’s battery packed in just in time, and there are no more photos. Yet…

One Response to “Just what Mumbles needs: another cat”

  1. seymansey
    January 11th, 2005 | 4:51 pm

    More cat fun for you! http://60gp.ovh.net/~cleanyou/