Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

According to this thread, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs is a jolly good read, the spiritual predecessor of Concepts Techniques And Models Of Computer Programming. The advantage of SICP over CTAMCP is that whilst the latter is on my Amazon wishlist, the former is freeeeeeeeeeeee!

Also, Python is now available on Nokia S60 phones. And so it begins.

By the way, Gimboland got hit by comment spammers yesterday – I noticed about 20 minutes before going out for the evening. D’oh. Anyway, was a cool night but I haven’t fixed fings yet, so comments, like risoles, is orf.

And a little later… Right, comments are back on, but I have to approve them – what a drag. Had to upgrade to the latest MT to make this worthwhile but hey ho, hopefully that’s it for the spammers.

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