Kinsey vs the anti-sexuals

Interesting review of a movie about Alfred Kinsey at Alternet [via pursed lips].

It’s depressing to see him vilified by the kind of people who think the world needs an organisation called “Restoring Social Virtue and Purity”, and in light of recent (and ongoing) opposition to the theory of evolution in America’s Stupidity Belt, I found this quote from the article unwittingly on-the-mark:

It was the apparent impartiality of his data that so shook America’s settled notions of sexuality, as deeply as Darwin’s theory of natural selection did the literalist biblical notions of creation.

Ultimately, I’m just baffled: Why does America have such a love affair with violence, and such a hatred of sex? And with the rise of evangelical politics in the most powerful nation on Earth (for now), how much worse can it get?

One Response to “Kinsey vs the anti-sexuals”

  1. quatto
    December 20th, 2004 | 8:41 am

    how much worse can it get?