Raise your glass to the Prince of Stories

Apparently, March 2002 was Gimboland’s top month, with a bumber crop of 89 posts – wow, I must have been really focussed on my job… Back then I was more indiscriminate about collecting things “for later” which of course I never went back to. For example, this post regarding Screen Dream, a webring for online dream journals.

Now, back in my early internet days, one of the sites which got me hooked was “Brian’s Dream Log” which was here but isn’t any more, alas. It was groovy – well written, funny, interesting, a peek into someone’s mind and (I guess) my first experience of the now ubiquitous phenomenon of self-exposure on the internet. I’ve also always quite fancied the idea of increasing one’s capacity for lucid dreaming, and keeping a dream log is apparently one of the techniques which can help there.

Thus, dream logs, they’re interesting. And, sometimes, funny. Since there are only 13 blogs in Screen Dream right now, I’ve added a link to my sidebar, and might well be visiting (and linking to) some of these a bit more often. I may even join in. You have been warned.

(Note to self: stop starting posts/paragraphs/sentences with “So, “… This post had two before I proofed/edited it.)

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  1. December 13th, 2004 | 2:36 pm

    Yu prof/edite yor entryss? Thats dedication foryou.