Ecks Em Hell

Reading this article about how Python is not Java, I laughed out loud (sorry, I LOL’d), at this misquote from Jamie Zawinksi:

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I’ll use XML…” Now they have two problems.

Nice. Keep it simple, stupid.

But read the following comment about how, OK, in Java, XML is a Good Thing. But for my money, that’s more a comment on Java’s relative brokenness than XML’s utility which, as the man says, is basically good for one thing: portability of data. And hey, the Unix folks knew that all data should be represented as text to make it portable back in the sixties… :-)

And this says it all about Python:

To do this, become more demanding of Python. Pretend that Python is a magic wand that will miraculously do whatever you want without you needing to lifting a finger. Ask, “how does Python already solve my problem?” and “What Python language feature most resembles my problem?” You will be absolutely astonished at how often it happens that thing you need is already there in some form. In fact, this phenomenon is so common, even among experienced Python programmers, that the Python community has a name for it. We call it “Guido’s time machine”, because sometimes it seems as though that’s the only way he could’ve known what we needed, before we knew it ourselves.