March against racism, Saturday 9th October

Images (from my phone) from last Saturday’s march against racism here in Swansea:

Marching down St Helen's Road (1) (640 x 480, 29.18 kb) Marching down St Helen's Road (2) (640 x 480, 39.74 kb) Marching down St Helen's Road (3) (480 x 640, 30.96 kb) Cheerful Cheerleader (640 x 480, 28.05 kb) Gathering at Castle Square (640 x 480, 45.20 kb) Observers (640 x 480, 33.28 kb) Swansea says no (640 x 480, 42.57 kb) Rally at Castle Square (640 x 480, 41.16 kb) Swansea Unite (640 x 480, 38.61 kb) PEAC!!! (640 x 480, 25.88 kb)

As ever, Will has got much better pictures, both technically and aesthetically.

I thought the march was a little disappointing – there seemed to be many people when we were strung out along St Helen’s Road, but when we all gathered in Castle Square at the end, it didn’t seem so large. One of my colleagues, Markus Mickelbrink, went further and said the whole thing was a waste of time, because it was a load of rhetoric about “racism isn’t acceptable, Swansea is a good place for refugees, etc.” without any thought about why, then, things like this were happening – clearly some people in Swansea (and the UK in general) are virulently racist, and do blame refugees, asylum seekers, and anyone who looks/acts different for all the ills of the world – and what do we do about that? He had a point, although I disagree with him when he says doing nothing would have been better…