We have a winner

Oh, I love my wife. While all the rest of you were ignoring my pained cries for help on the virtual dekstop front, she was coming up with the goods. Ladies and gentlemen, we present VirtuaWin, which is wonderful because:

  • I can set the number of desktops to anything up to 9. Not dynamically, but that’s OK.
  • I can configure hotkeys for various features and in particular I now have my beloved Alt-1, Alt-2, etc. – joy. Also a hotkey for making a window sticky/unsticky.
  • I can install a third party extension module to display the (configurable) desktop name when I switch, which means…
  • I can turn off the system tray icon, so that most of the time the app has no graphical presence whatsoever.
  • It handles Excel correctly.
  • It’s free, and it’s GPL.

Those are the reasons why it rocks my world. It has many other options though, so if the above doesn’t sound good to you, lose not heart. For instance, if you like to flip between desktops by putting the mouse to the side of the screen (I don’t), you can tell it to do that. Similarly dragging windows between desktops. Etc. And generally it just “feels” very robust and well engineered. I’m very impressed.

Oh, it’s lovely. Happy Andy.