Tasty Nuggets from the Programming Front

Several tasty nuggests from Lambda the Ultimate, which I’m enjoying immensely:

First and foremost, not only is there a shell named after my wife, there’s now also a programming language which happens to look rather zarjaz, and might actually persuade me to give Mono/CLI/CLR a look [lambda].

Next, here’s a paper on crash-only software [lambda].

It is impractical to build a system that is guaranteed to never crash, even in the case of carrier class phone switches or high end mainframe systems. Since crashes are unavoidable, software must be at least as well prepared for a crash as it is for a clean shutdown. But then — in the spirit of Occam’s Razor — if software is crash-safe, why support additional, non-crash mechanisms for shutting down?

Finally, an interview with Knuth (from 1996, think I’ve read it all ready) [lambda].