One of the things we study in the Operating Systems course I teach is the Morris Internet Worm. It’s a nice story, but perhaps a little old, and although I’ve spoken about more current exploits, worms, etc., I think I need to include some newer material actually in the notes. The Witty Worm I mentioned yesterday is one candidate, and oh my, here’s another [RISKS]. Hell, in any given month there are probaby a few good candidates…

In the same issue: a reminder of the uselessness of Security Through Obscurity, and it’s bigger, better-armed brother, Security Through Legislation; also, why Caller ID is broken under Voice Over IP.

RISKS is just the best – I can’t believe I’ve been unsubscribed for so long (over a year). It’s scary to read about the scale and repetition of all these problems, then slightly reassuring to realise that intelligent people are paying attention, then deeply troubling to realise that mostly, the people in charge and the people at the sharp end simply aren’t listening or don’t understand.