Robot Baby Rampage

A miscellaneous collection of cool stuff I either came across while looking for something I saw a while ago and now want to tell you about but can’t find, or came across a while ago, for some reason didn’t blog then, and have just come across again… (It does parse, honest – keep trying.)

Bruce Schneier’s analysis of the recent Witty Worm is a scary insight into the kind of crap we can expect to kill our networks from now on [gamma]. Something for this year’s Operating Systems course (chapter 9, “Security”).

Witty was wildly successful. Twelve thousand machines was the entire vulnerable and exposed population, and Witty infected them all — worldwide — in 45 minutes.

Zulu Family Sues Disney Over “Lion” Song [act]. Bash has a copy of the original recording, “Mbube” (Zulu for “The Lion”) on this compilation, and very cool it is too. Recorded in 1939, I think he certainly gets first dibs. I suppose it’s out of copyright now (?), although aren’t Disney guilty of ridiculous feats of copyright extension in their efforts to protect their revenue streams? Which is nicely ironic. So they’re suing for 1.5 million dollars, about 9 million rand, which is probably enough to buy a large chunk of Durban. ;-)

One for an algorithms course: Sorting Algorithms demonstration applet, which is very cool indeed at getting across why quicksort is so much better than bubblesort, for instance [gamma]. :-)

MD5 hashes are getting cracked [via act, although apparently also via slashdot so I guess I'm the last to know].

At the moment we can crack md5 hashes in this character range: a-z;0-9 [8] which means we can break almost all hashes (99.56%) which are created from lowercase plaintext with letters and/or digits up to length of 8 characters.


“Asterix collection” latin quotes translated to English [act]. I will keep it close next time I read these marvellous books…

As you can tell, I’ve been reading Advanced Combo Tricks a bit lately. It’s good, if pig-ugly. OTOH Gimboland is long overdue for a style update so who am I to talk?