Exciting things in the world of web programming

This (which I was looking for last night – see below) plus this equals potentially interesting times ahead.

Executive summary of speclation contained therein: Programmers are leaving the Microsoft platform (and not adopting .net in the required droves), because web applications are a much more hospitable world for third party developers; the problem with web applications is that they don’t have the marvy user interface capabilities of conventional desktop applications; now along come Apple with some HTML extensions enabling javascript (i.e. easy) and safe operating-system-friendly ways for web applications to draw directly to the screen in beautiful and flexible manners and we suddenly have a mechanism for funky-ass interfaces delivered over the web. Possibly. If it happens. Oh yes, and Apple have teamed up with Opera and Mozilla over this, so it’s us (the aforementioned) vs them (Microsoft and Internet Explorer), only this time we’ll be creaming their asses. Possibly. Yay!