Dashboard vs. Konfabulator

Via tr, one for the OS X people, and anyone interesting in the hissyfits that computer people sometimes throw: an interesting article comparing and contrasting Dashboard with Konfabulator, and arguing that the broo-ha-ha about Dashboard being a Konfabulator rip off is unfounded.

Thus, Dashboard is clearly an extension of Mac OS X system-level technologies: Web Kit for layout and scripting; Exposé for the Dashboard window layer; and Cocoa for advanced functionality. Dashboard is the result of advanced Mac OS X technology in action.

Konfabulator, on the other hand, was designed from the start with platform portability in mind. (A port to Windows was announced back in December.)

And this next paragraph…

Konfabulator is not a lightweight or small-footprint environment – every Konfabulator widget runs as a separate process, with its own runtime environment in memory. Most Konfabulator widgets use more memory than typical full-blown Mac OS X applications. Not just Konfabulator as a whole – but each widget. Install it, fire up Process Viewer, and see for yourself. (Ironically, the Konfabulator “CPU Portal” widget seems to leak memory.)

… is particularly interesting, and probably explains why Bash’s super-doovy Powerbook has been running less than optimally lately. Throw your Konfabulator into the road darling, it hasn’t got a chance!