Pragmatic Programmers

Don’t Live with Broken Windows, a conversation with Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas, aka The Pragmatic Programmers. They talk about the craftsmanship aspect of programming, and the idea, which I’ve always held close to my heart and been called a niggly unproductive perfectionist for, that small problems (in code) should be fixed and not left to fester, grow, and necessitate kludges and hacks. These guys seem pretty clued in.

Part two of the interview is here.

DRY says that every piece of system knowledge should have one authoritative, unambiguous representation. Every piece of knowledge in the development of something should have a single representation. A system’s knowledge is far broader than just its code. It refers to database schemas, test plans, the build system, even documentation.


All via the terribly exciting programming languages weblog, Lambda the Ultimate. Also at Lambda, the beginnings of a programming quotes database, which includes the rather wonderful (to my mind at least) “static typing is to a good programmer what a spell checker is to a good writer“.