Patents we’d like to see destroyed

Electronic Frontier Foundation publishes patent hit list [act].

As part of its Patent Busting Project, the EFF in mid-June began soliciting the public for submissions of patents that were both potentially invalid and used to stifle online innovation. The organization received nearly 200 suggestions, 10 of which it will now formally ask the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to re-examine.

For example:

2. Clear Channel’s Instant Live patent, which covers technology used to produce instant recordings of live concerts. The media giant recently bought the patent and is now going after artists who choose to give fans CDs of their shows.

I was trying to explain to Bash, just the other day, why Clear Channel are evil – here is the Gimboland entry on the topic made – gulp – three years ago, although Salon seem to be making you jump through hoops if you want to read it – sigh.