Bloody hell… A bumble bee has just flown in through the open window (it’s a beautiful day here in Swansea, folks), and proceeded to alight on my mixer, right next to a big red jack that’s stuck in one of the sockets, and now it’s acting as if the things a flower: waggling its bum, brushing its legs down its sides, and generally doing what bees do.

Hmmm, it seems to be lying in just one place waggling its arse gently. I wonder if it’s OK. Maybe I should take a look with a view to rescuing it, should it be in bumbletrouble. Bumble bees have a reputation (in my brain at least) of being among the most chilled out of bees, bumbling around in a friendly manner and never stinging anyone who didn’t deserve it. So my chances are good, I hope. Here goes!

Well, that didn’t happen… Just as I sprang into action, so did el bee, finding his way to the window and grinding against it angrily for a while, looking more and more like a hornet every moment now that I thought about it, until gladly, he got with the program and headed two feet to the left, there to exit whence he came. Another happy ending, as is, indeed, usually the case with bumblebees.