Smashing the stack for fun and profit

Phrack 49 article 14 aka “Smashing the stack for fun and profit”, a classic article on hacker techniques for the exploitation of buffer overflow bugs. I should consider talking about this in my C programming course – should get the more mischevious students excited, at least.

I was amused to note that the author calls themself “Aleph One”, which is also the name of a tape I put together about six years ago of the music I’d created up to that point. As it happens, I’m currently in the process of recording those tracks from the minidisc on which they currently live, and anticipate publishing them in Ogg Vorbis format (mp3s suck, people!) Real Soon Now.

I used the name because I’d been blown away by learning about infinite cardinals in my set theory lectures as an undergraduate. Aleph Zero is the smallest infinite number, equal in size to the number of integers that exist. Aleph One is the next one up, equal in size to the number of reals (ie decimals). It all gets crazy from there, and is somewhat explained here (where what they call Aleph Null is what I call Aleph Zero).