Black Books quotes!

Courtesy of the rather chocolatey Barbara, a site of Black Books quotes – groovy. I must download them and write a python script to turn them into a fortune cookie database, like I did for Coupling once upon a time. Rest assured that when I do, I’ll make it available here.

Ack, what the heck, it’s a five minute job so here we go: Black Books Quotes Fortune Cookie File. However, now that I actually look at the quotes, I dunno, they seem to be mainly long snatches of loads of dialogue, rather than the short pithy quotes I was hoping for. I may have to watch Black Books carefully and add some of my own.

By the way, if you want to use bbquotes.ft or coupling.ft with fortune, you need to run strfile whatever.ft first, to produce whatever.ft.dat – otherwise fortune is liable to complain. Anyway.