Frosty The Lecturer

Well, that was new… I walked into my Networking lecture this morning only to find an actual snowman on the podium at the front of the room. I wasn’t quite sure what to do but reasoned it’d probably last through the lecture so I left it there and sure enough, it was fine. Well, it need need a little preventative maintenance around about “Isolated Routing – Hot Potato”, but that done, he made it through, only to be rescued by a couple of second year girls and taken to his new home on the flower beds outside, there to melt in the sun.

Oh yes, forgot to say: it snowed last night. Car had four inches of powdery white fluff on it this morning – fun fun fun fun fun!

Wedding preparations continue apace… Bronwen (bridesmaid #1) arrives today, Bash is off work to meet her. It’s Bash’s mehndi party tonight, and I’ll be here at work burning CDs of music for the party & ceremony. Tomorrow I lecture 12-1 then we skidaddle to Cornwall. Party on Saturday, wedding on Sunday – wish us luck!