Happy Anniversary To Me

It’s a significant, anniversary-laden date for me.

First and foremost, in exactly one month, on February 29th, I’m getting married – nuff said.

Second and foremost, a year ago today I received my first email from the girl I’m gonna marry – the start of something big.

Third and finally, I delivered the first Operating Systems lecture of the year today, the same lecture I delivered a year ago (though not on this exact same date), so I’d like to consider this my one-year anniversary as a lecturer. Since that blog entry, I’d say I’ve become more comfortable with waffling on and on (as if such a thing were possible, I hear the members of my family saying), and a lot better friends with chalk.

Today’s lecture felt a lot better than last year’s… I asked if there was anybody in the room who’d been there last year and there were a couple (slackers!), but they didn’t tell me if I’d improved or not. ;-)