Partway Gay

Partway Gay – a Washington Post article about fluid shifts in sexual orientation/behaviour in American teenagers, particularly girls [via bash].

Outside of conservative religious circles, the common understanding for years has been that homosexuality is largely genetic, based on physical attraction, and unchanging. Though an easy model to understand, if not accept, it has a major flaw: It is derived almost exclusively from male subjects. Recent studies of relationships among women suggest that female homosexuality may be grounded more in social interaction, may present itself as an emotional attraction in addition to or in place of a physical one, and may change over time. Young women also appear to be more open to homosexual relationships than young men are.

Well, dur. Roll on the day when human beings stop trying to judge, categorise or even explain sexual preference, and just accept that we’re all people, and some people love some other people, and that’s all we really need to know. This world is a scary enough place as it is without being told who you can or can’t be nice to.