And another new year begins…

Hola compadres! Well, it’s been all quiet on the Gimboland front for a while, so I thought I’d bring things up to date a little. First up, happy new year!

There hasn’t been much Gimboland activity at all since October or so because I’ve just been so darn busy with work – these damn students just won’t leave me alone. I think I’m being too helpful, and I need to work on being gruff and dismissive. The new term begins next Monday, and there’ll be exams to mark and marks to collate which is a pig of a job but one I’m landed with, so don’t expect great things on this site for the rest of January. In fact, February and March are probably out to, because (hold onto your hats) I’m getting married at the end of February. Woo and indeed hoo. More details later (and the inevitable pictures), but for now suffice to say that as if I didn’t have enough to do with teaching, marking, and research, I also have wedding preparations to think about now too. :-)

Nothing much else is flitting into my mind at the moment, so I think I’ll leave it there. Once again, happy new year everyone – I hope you all had funky Christmases, and all the best for the year ahead.