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Bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun!

Two mildly interesting things which happened to me last night:

1. I saw a house round the corner from mine with Christmas decorations in the window. Guess they’re starting late this year.

2. I read Winnie The Pooh for the first time; it was cool, but I was disappointed to get to the end without meeting Tigger. I hope they make a sequel some day. ;-)

Speaking of which, here’s some excellent footage of the recent Siegfried & Roy accident.

South African Vibrator Bomb Agogo!

South African Vibrator Bomb Agogo!


Jam – a nifty looking replacement for make (particularly nifty in that it understands C and C++ dependencies, so your Makefiles (or Jamfiles, I suppose) tend to be a lot shorter). Plus it doesn’t use XML, unlike ant, which has got to be a good thing… :-)

Plus, I spoke, for the first time, to Alan Cox today. Very briefly. More on this some time in the next fortnight or so, I reckon…