Roy Orbison in Clingfilm

I spotted the link to this on popbitch but didn’t like the sound of it, so I didn’t look. However, then Rich sent it to me and I had to look. It’s fantastic.

‘That is a well-groomed terrapin,’ he says.

And the rest.

Lots of good stuff in general on this site. Indeed, the first other thing I read is this marvellous critique of TLC. Superb, although loses it a bit in the last few paragraphs. I particularly liked: And yet I am lovely, and would make a dog-like and devoted husband.

Oh, so much more to read, and yet it’s such a waste of time. I love the internet. Unlike him.

Star Wars: In early drafts of the screenplay there is a strain of cynical humour, and when Ben Kenobi says he hears many voices crying out to him through The Force it turns out to be his pacemaker picking up CB.