Unpleasant reading: The Stinkyfeet Project,

Unpleasant reading: The Stinkyfeet Project, The Fat Project, and in case you haven’t seen it before, The Stinkymeat Project [wotever].

Also via wotever, and also unpleasant and disturbing, but in many different ways: Tardblog. I sat on the bus taking me to work this morning, with a styrofoam cup of good, hot, sweet tea in my hand and a great book on my lap, gazing at the gently rolling Welsh countryside as it meandered past, and I pondered how happy I was, and how good life is at the moment: a house in a beautiful place, a woman I love, and a job which is reminding me exactly how fulfilling work can actually be. I thought to myself “what a fantastic planet”. Two hours later I read stuff like this and I’m reminded that for a hell of a lot of people, it’s a shitty, painful, frightening, god-awful planet. Everybody’s got problems, but chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re relatively well placed and should be thanking God or your lucky stars or just something every day for the life you lead.

I know I do.