Phil Greenspun hopped in a

Phil Greenspun hopped in a Winnebago and went round America for five months, taking some pretty groovy photographs on the way, as usual [robot]. And, as Jorn says, writing some nice rants. For instance:

It occurred to us that, as a matter of protocol, Queen Victoria would not have dealt directly with the potentate of an insignificant foreign land. It would have diminished the citizens of England to see their leader treating one-on-one with the leader of an inferior nation. A problem like Saddam would have been delegated to a 3rd undersecretary in the Foreign Office. When asked about Iraq, we kept expecting to hear George W. say “I’m not sure. I delegated that problem to Colonel Smith and he is going to report back to me in three months. Can we move on to questions that more directly concern our society?” But of course it never happened.