Blogger problems

Why haven’t I updated Gimboland in a week? Good question, gentle reader. In fact, I have updated it, but Blogger is refusing to publish the updated page to the web server. It appears a few other Bloggers users are having this problem, but not (apparently) enough that it’s getting any attention. I don’t know when or even if it’s going to be fixed.

Until it is, I’ll update the page manually, but probably not very often as it’s a right old rigmarole. I think that part of the problem is that now that they’re selling Blogger (as Blogger Pro) as well as giving it away free, the Pro users are getting more stable service, or at least more attention, than the freebie ones. I guess that’s fair enough when you want to make money (and Blogger’s been so successful that I’m sure they couldn’t afford to keep giving it away for free entirely), but it doesn’t help me much.

Why don’t I sign up to Blogger Pro? Because I intend on writing my own blogging software to place me in full control. This is underway, but it’s not ready for unveiling. Rich suggested I call it Gobber, which I quite liked. Anyway, more news as it happens. Cheers.